Mã: YFC-610

Bảo hành: 12 tháng
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Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm MÁY CƯA YFC-610 (CE)

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● The machine uses ø24″ sawblade.
● Cutting speed: 15~20 cuts/min.
● The table can be swiveled to 45˚(Max.60˚) rightward and leftward. 
● T-clamping is mounted with linear guide ways.



*We reserve the right to modify design without prior notice.







● T-clamping is driven by an air cylinder in combination with linear guide ways, which exhibit fast and smooth clamping motions.






















Oil lubricator

● It is used for lubricating the rotary table swiveled smoothly and enhancing swift operation and the production efficiency of orientation.















CE Safety Switch (Option)

● In order to prevent operator from touching running sawblade. When pressing the sawblade stop switch, the CE safety switch controls the opening time of sawbalde door and to make the sawblade complete stopped to open the sawblade door.




























Roller Conveyor (Option)

● Standard length is 1M. Available in any length.

● Infeed roller conveyor is with aluminum extruded rear fence.

● Outfeed roller conveyor is with 90° Fence and aluminum extruded rear fence.















90° Fence (Option)

● Extension stop is used on outfeed roller conveyor. It is convenient for length stop and for repetitive cutting in a mass production line.















Automatic Sizing System (optional)

● The sizing system is driven by a servo motor combined with the use of linear guide way, that enables the stop unit to move fast and position accurately.

● Aluminum alloy guide way features maximum durability, elegance and light weight.

● Length can be made to meet customer’s requirement.















Touch Screen

● Operation of the conveyor table is controlled on the screen. The multi-function controller provides accurate and fast sizing control.







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